Officially a Colorado native

Yesterday, I had the wonderful privilege of FINALLY meeting young William Taylor. Finally.

William is one of the newest members of the Taylor family and I have waited almost a year to see him.

Kristi and I have know each other for a long time. Back to the days of early photoJ class. She then later became one of my right-hand people when she joined me on the PhotoDesk at the Metropolitan, Metro State University of Denver’s school paper. We further bonded when we both were dating the men of the Sport’s desk at the newspaper. All of us had adventure’s to Pueblo for regional basketball tournaments and there was even a memory of locking key’s in my boyfriend’s car that all three of us took up to Evergreen for an assignment for class.

Kristi was one of my first wedding’s that I shot as an official business. She and her husband Zac gave me the chance to work on my wedding portfolio and the opportunity to capture a day, year’s in the making that would start them on their next big adventure. And these two have encountered all sorts of adventures. After their apartment building caught fire in Fort Collins three years ago, they decided to pack up their Jeep Cherokee and head South, not really sure where they were going to end up.

They ended up eventually in Athens, Georgia. Amazingly enough at the exact same time I flew there on a whim, and got stuck in the snow storm of the decade. I shot some photos fro Kristi’s literary business on the trip down there and because I am her seceret-keeper, she let on a little whisper that she was pregnant. Keeping THAT seceret in is pretty difficult, but I was able to handle it until they publicly announced it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph both Kristi’s baby shower for William AND her maternity portraits. But since little (he is tiny) William was born last August, I just did not have the chance to go out and meet him or see him on a few of Kristi’s whirl-wind visits to Colorado. So, this week they are out and I was not about to loose the chance of seeing him. I booked a day early on. And though William probably won’t remember meeting me, it is documented that it was Epic.

Since William was “officially” born in Georgia, we had to do something to make him a native, and what easier way to do so than take his little but to Casa Bonita!

I truly am grateful for all the Taylor’s have done to support me in my business, from wedding(S) I’ve shot to baby showers – and family portraits, the entire clan has truly become part of my family as well and I absolutely love the fact that I can watch and document as their families grow and progress through life.

Kristi is the proud owner of her social media business, she knows all! And Zac is the sports editor at the Gainesville Times, where he has grown and thrived, living his dream of being a sports reporter. 🙂

Here’s to continuing the adventure with the next generation.

He is sleeping.


Tiny toes.



Baby on the move.


William’s first taste of sopapilla.


We all agreed he liked it. ALOT.


William LOVED the waterfall (but then again, who doesn’t?)


This was as long as the hat stayed on his head. He is not a hat guy apparently.


William was fearless through Black Bart’s cave! He was so ready to head in he didn’t want to pose for the picture.


Even trucked me around while we were hanging out. (photo by Kristi Taylor)


He is a happy little waddler! (photo by Kristi Taylor).


Getting his first character sketch.


Waiting patiently for his artwork to be done.


Hanging in the stroller at Little Man Ice Cream.














A hot date in a cool city

I lied. It was a hot date in a hot city.

Brian and Shannon decided to recreate their first date for part of their engagement shoot. They had their first date over a glass of wine at Colt and Grey on Platte street in Denver.

We had been planing their engagement session for a month and who knew that the weather would become record-breaking? But we battled it out, after pushing the start time of the shoot back by two hours, that was a good plan. It was still a scorcher though. We played on a grass hill in Millennium park, broke rules and photographed on a stairwell (photographers have problems reading signs sometimes – we are the image people, not the word people); played in the middle of the street – Mom even watched us; lounged about, living the high life in a classy hotel – complete with orange-infused water, enjoyed some good literature and to top it off: ran though sprinklers.

Good. Times.


Don’t you just love the way he looks at her?




Nothing sweeter than this.


This happened.


Which lead to this. We are all just big kids anyway right?


That wall is anything but cool.



We are so sneaky. Illegal stairs and all.





We might have done some furniture rearranging. Maybe.


Malfunctioning Sprinkler + Hot Day = Personal mister = WIN.


Moments of 2011 – Cora

As promised here are my photos of the year. Number one, YAY! I actually posted when I said I would! Let’s keep this going! Number two narrowing down to just this amount took forever. I loved every shoot I had, and dang! There were a lot! Thank you to all who supported me and my business, I truly could not have done it without any of you! I have made so many new friends and that is my favorite part about what I do!

Look for us in or on the nearest tree, river, railing, roof or sunroof hold on tight because 2012 is coming in fast!

This was such a fun way to present the place cards at Becky and Dan's wedding this summer.

Jenny, playing around with her new Husband after the ceremony.

Cait and Ted. Heritage Square.

Katie and Seth, it rained on their first date so they figured it was good luck.

Don't we all feel this way about bubbles?

Matt and Jen playing around at Union Station before their ceremony.

Who doesn't love a leaf fight during a portrait shoot?

Dawn, making an outhouse look sexy.

Erin had an awesome Maid of Honor, gotta love a woman who can wrangle a dress like that!

Dan and Amanda


Beautiful Flowers from Stems


An out, but this is the one image that sums up the shoot. Yes, everyone needs to find their inner parking cone.


Late night toasts


Derek and Kamise, we burned calories getting to their ceremony!


One day I'll be shooting her wedding.


Right before they were pronounced.




Yes. I do make my brides J-walk during Bridals.


Engagement shoot. No joke. And yes, she got the goose.


Arriving at the reception.



Field Trip



A little Photobooth fun.


Not sure, I’m just the one who clicked the shutter. But we love them.



My best wishes for everyone in this upcoming year! Here is to pushing harder than you ever thought

and making it to the top with a little help from your team mates.

Happy New Year!

Memories of 2011 – Isaac

It has been a busy 2011 and I apologize that my blogging fell off the map mid-year. Part of it was due to scheduling and the majority of it was due to lack of Internet access as I did not get Internet at my house until the end of November.

But I am starting the year off right with a blog post! I must say that out of everything in my business, blogging is the most difficult thing to keep up with, even though I thoroughly enjoy writing about my clients and their stories. So here are a few of our favorite moments from the year. They may not be the “best photo,” but they are those that stood out in our heads when trying to simmer down the thousands of photos to just a few fraction-of-a-seconds to sum up our year.

Here are a few of Isaac’s favorites from the year.

Stay tuned for my photos of the year in the next few days!

Downtown Pizazz

I cannot believe how fast time is flying. It has been a year ago since I was lucky enough to shoot the wedding of Heather and David. Their wedding was so special to me because not only is Heather one of my good friends from Metro, but she also has worked as my second shooter for many weddings.

These two people are amazing together. They make such a great team and David’s (aka Daaavie) calm presence blends beautifully with Heather’s … um … randomcrazyspazyinsanealwaysgoingamillionmilesaminute personality.

During our portrait hour we hopped over to Room&Board in Cherry Creek and bounced around the furniture.
Happy One Year to two amazing people. I am so honored I was there to capture your wedding day!

A Princess and a Cowboy

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of two amazingly sweet people! I am fortunate enough to have gotten to know them over the last few years, as well as their family. Tammy and Paul are so amazing and giving to everyone around them I am honored that I got to photograph their wedding celebration last summer! And by the end of next month, they will be grandparents to two brand new babies in their family.

The amazing Taylor Family, so many great people!

The soon to be parents of Will (due SOON!)

The Proud Parents of Kathleen

Cup Cakes, Mountains and Sunshine

Today is Meghan and Alex’s one year anniversary! I can’t believe how fast this last year has flown! Megan and Alex had such a fun wedding, not to mention a spectacular bridal party! It was such a pleasure to photograph all these wonderful people.

There are some memories from this wedding that will stick with me forever, including after the reception when I was going to take the bridal couple photos with Megan and Alex because the day was so packed. Megan and I had gone to her room to do some portraits and we can’t find Alex anywhere. Austin (Maid of Honor) and Ryan (Best Man) had a hard time locating him.

Finally Meghan get’s a hold of him. She says “Where are you?” Then she says, “Why! We still have to take our photos!” and through the phone, (the entire room hears) “Oh Crap!”

Yup, after 8 hour’s in his suit, Alex was read to get on the comfy clothes. But, the girls prevailed and in 5 minutes Alex was back in his suit ready to go for the photos.

Congratulations you two! Happy Anniversary!

Photo by Heather Smith

Photo by Heather Smith

A drive to Romance

When I first met up Jen and Matt I knew on the spot that I wanted to capture their wedding. They had such a fun idea! They had a Rolls Royce pick them up from the Ritz-Carlton downtown and we drove up to Flagstaff mountain where a Justice of the Peace met them and conducted the ceremony.

It was an adrenaline rush for sure. Chasing a Rolls-Royce up the mountain? Thank goodness I had my trusty Second-Shooter/Stunt Driver Isaac Small there to help! Jen and Matt left the next day for Mexico!

Photo by Isaac Small

Photo By Isaac Small

Photo by Isaac Small

I guess you had to be there …

Today Sarah and Chris are celebrating their one-year anniversary!

These two are so adorable. Just a wonderful couple that really support one another. I really enjoy Facebook as a business owner because I am able to keep in contact with my clients from the past and its always great to hear how they are doing. These two are solid.

They got married at Meadow Creek in Pine. The day was so beautiful and the meadow was lush and green. The crew was great – Something about dollar bills and Vegas (I still don’t know what exactly that was about and I am ok with it) kept them entertained the whole day. Ok, I still see comments about Dollar bills on Facebook.

Congratulations to Chris and Sarah for the first year in your life-long journey keep on dancing!!!

Photo By Heather Smith

Photo by Heather Smith