Cup Cakes, Mountains and Sunshine

Today is Meghan and Alex’s one year anniversary! I can’t believe how fast this last year has flown! Megan and Alex had such a fun wedding, not to mention a spectacular bridal party! It was such a pleasure to photograph all these wonderful people.

There are some memories from this wedding that will stick with me forever, including after the reception when I was going to take the bridal couple photos with Megan and Alex because the day was so packed. Megan and I had gone to her room to do some portraits and we can’t find Alex anywhere. Austin (Maid of Honor) and Ryan (Best Man) had a hard time locating him.

Finally Meghan get’s a hold of him. She says “Where are you?” Then she says, “Why! We still have to take our photos!” and through the phone, (the entire room hears) “Oh Crap!”

Yup, after 8 hour’s in his suit, Alex was read to get on the comfy clothes. But, the girls prevailed and in 5 minutes Alex was back in his suit ready to go for the photos.

Congratulations you two! Happy Anniversary!

Photo by Heather Smith

Photo by Heather Smith


One thought on “Cup Cakes, Mountains and Sunshine

  1. Cora, you are so sweet!! We had a great first anniversary, thanks for thinking of us!! 🙂 Thanks again, also, for all your hard work–we have such beautiful pictures to look back on and remember what a great day that was! You’re the best!!!

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