A hot date in a cool city

I lied. It was a hot date in a hot city.

Brian and Shannon decided to recreate their first date for part of their engagement shoot. They had their first date over a glass of wine at Colt and Grey on Platte street in Denver.

We had been planing their engagement session for a month and who knew that the weather would become record-breaking? But we battled it out, after pushing the start time of the shoot back by two hours, that was a good plan. It was still a scorcher though. We played on a grass hill in Millennium park, broke rules and photographed on a stairwell (photographers have problems reading signs sometimes – we are the image people, not the word people); played in the middle of the street – Mom even watched us; lounged about, living the high life in a classy hotel – complete with orange-infused water, enjoyed some good literature and to top it off: ran though sprinklers.

Good. Times.


Don’t you just love the way he looks at her?




Nothing sweeter than this.


This happened.


Which lead to this. We are all just big kids anyway right?


That wall is anything but cool.



We are so sneaky. Illegal stairs and all.





We might have done some furniture rearranging. Maybe.


Malfunctioning Sprinkler + Hot Day = Personal mister = WIN.



Three years of marriage (almost)

Two of my most favorite people flew all the way from Germany to have a photo shoot with me! Well, not really. They did fly here from Germany but not just to have a photo shoot. Today, we drove to Colorado Springs and did a quick photo shoot at Garden of the Gods. It was a bit chilly, but they still made cute photos! We are working on scheduling our next photo shoot on location in Germany!

I love my best friends 🙂

Awww so much love!


Kissing McCracken's and Kissing Camels


Mountain Romance

Wow!  A post about weddings! Finally! I am getting everything ready for my mountain excursion tomorrow for Meghan and Alex’s wedding. I am really excited about this wedding for a lot of different reasons. First, and most important : I love these two! They are so fun and laid back and are absolutely perfect together. I loved shooting engagements with them and I’ve been waiting for their wedding since she contacted me back in May. Second: They have given me the opportunity to shoot my first wedding in Vail. I am really excited to work (that far up) in the mountains and do some really fun things photo-wise. Third: This will be my first wedding working with Fleur de Liz. I have known Liz for years and I am excited to work with her as a photographer.

So here is my early congratulations to this awesome couple! Time for a weekend in the mountains!

Tara and Paul

I am so excited for this weekend! Tara and Paul are getting married a week from today. It is going to be really fun wedding, I can already tell with the couple. I am also excited because I get to have Heather Longway shoot with me. (I shot her engagements in March). It should be a great day. Since I’ve been behind on my posting, I thought this would be a good time to get Paul and Tara’s photos up from their engagement that we had at the beginning of the month.

Looking forward to next weekend!

Last minute is BEST!

I am so excited! I love last-minute, play-it-by-ear gigs! Friday night I received a phone call from my fellow Iris member Heather Longway. She needed someone to shoot her engagement photos so they could send out their “save the date” cards ASAP. I was glad to do it! I have known Heather since I started at the Metropolitan. She graduated and Amie and I took over the photo desk for her and Jenn LeBlanc – another good friend and Iris member.

We planned for Saturday during the golden hour and all was well until it became overcast and rainy. I love rain photos too, you can do really cute things with umbrellas, but we were able to push the shoot to Sunday so we did. The day was gorgeous and we had such a fun time! The hardest thing for me is to stop shooing. I could shoot all night, but after 2 hours Heather and her fiance David insisted that they had to let me go home (which was good since I had company waiting for dinner). But I could have shot with those two all night!

What a cute pair they make! They are so perfect for each other, and this was my first time even meeting David. I wish them my best, and we are all looking forward to having a closer friendship as we live all but 5 minutes from each other.

I don’t want to spoil them all before the Save the Date cards come out, so here is just a taste of the terrific Heather and David!