Little Ailla Rayna Has Arrived!

I’m a night owl. I like to know whats going on and I spend my time editing or browsing photo websites. Tonight however, I was continually checking Facebook to see if Ailla Rayna had made her entrance. As the clock ticked around to 1:00 am Pablo make the official Facebook announcement. I love the Mascorro family I’ve loved them since Pablo and Rachel’s wedding and they have continued to ask me back any time they need photos. I was so excited when Alyssa’s maternity session came up in September. So yes, I’ve been sitting on them, but this morning is the perfect time to show them. Congratulations to Alyssa and David!


Imagination meets reality … in Africa

You have learned about it since preschool. You have studied its exotic animals, and at some point in your life one of those animals was probably your favorite. You have seen countless movies shot there. But did you ever think of actually going there yourself going to Africa?

I remember learning about Africa in so many different classes, science, cultural, history, religion, English, basically every class – even math (metric conversions)*.

I never dreamed I would. I can’t explain how I think of other places. It is difficult, but I’ll try to put it in words.

To me, many of the countries I’ve learned about in my life are like learning history. It sounds like an extremely amazing place and time, I dream what it would be like to live there. I’ve read countless books and retained tons of information but it almost feels as if my imagination created this continent, that it is not really tangible and though it is awesome to learn about, I will never really go there.

I’ve basically left it at that my whole life. I felt blessed that I had the opportunity to fly to Mexico during my sophomore year at Metro State. I was so excited to even leave the country to experience a different culture (even though it was fairly touristy).

Then, back in mid-April I received a phone call from my Uncle who is on team USA for the cruzer BMX world cup races taking place in South Africa. He asked if I would like to tag a long. Um… YEAH! What an experience this has already been. So surreal that I can hardly believe I’m here. Though I am spending a lot of time around BMX bikers (who all are really great people) I am still in AFRICA.

We flew in last Thursday and spent Friday-Sunday at the Tala Wild Game Reserve right outside of Pietermaritzburg. The reserve does not have Lions or Elephants, but they had a ton of other animals and amazing plants. Here are just a few of what we saw.

*(And for a side note, when traveling to metric countries, always bring a engineer – they do the math for you 🙂 – worked for me in Mexico and Africa!)

Tongue Action. Wouldn't that be AWESOME to have that power?

African Sunset

Bird of Prey .... I'll get the name for him later, I can't remember.

Mama and baby Giraffe's

This rhino is a teen (and you could tell because she was eating away)! She was about 5 feet from our jeep. At least my Uncle was on the closer side so he would be the first to go if she got hormonal.

A day at the Playground

I am so excited for a few reasons, and they all involve the Pogar/Carlson family.

A few weeks ago Adriana emailed me and told me her husband Chris has started a new videography company and are looking for couples who are looking for video for their weddings. I am so excited to be working with them! They are such a fun couple and have a great background. If you would like info on their work feel free to contact me and I will give you more information.

I also got the privilege to take Adriana’s maternity photos! This was my first maternity shoot, and I gotta say,I really got into it.  We had so much fun, Monday was PERFECT! Not to hot, beautiful light and of course Adriana’s beautiful face! She is due at the beginning of July, they are expecting a baby girl!

Enjoy a few photos from the shoot 🙂

This one is just too funny! No idea what is going on here!

MSBN Adventures

I like to stay diverse in my jobs and I am a jack of all trades when it comes to media and. My boyfriend got a full-time job for Metro State Athletics last October and is on the edge of a new frontier for Metro State Athletics. They hired Eric as the Web technical Director for the Athletic Department. The job title does not give his job justice.

He is in charge of streaming basketball home games live on the web complete with a full play-by-play broadcast and a two camera shoot. He also shoots other sports for highlights and puts everything together in a monthly half-hour show that broadcasts monthly on 3 local stations including Altitude sports and KWHD public access.

It is quite an achievement and we are just so excited that he is able to have a job in the field he graduated in, not to mention that this job will look fantastic on his resume. It has been a starting season for sure. All sorts of set-backs and obstacles were thrown at Eric and his team of dedicated students. I joined the team because I love Metro basketball and I could not let Eric have all the fun!

By the end of the season we were setting up the broadcast in 30 minutes, had 2 cameras (a camera in the stands and a court cam for close-ups), a play-by-play and color commentators, commercials and graphics to show stats for players. We had quite the team and we could not have done it with out them all!

Here are some photos I took over the year. The games are broadcast live on B2 Networks so families of players, friends and fans can watch if they were not able to make it to the games.

Know who you are hiring!

I would encourage all brides to watch this. Or at least part of it. It is SO crucial in this day and age to make sure your photographer knows what they are talking about. I have heard thousands of news reports of people suing photographers because their work was not professional. I have also heard from several of my friends who work at electronic stores who have had people buy cameras on friday and return them on monday with 3000 shots on the camera.

It is so easy for people to say they are photographers and that they are professional. Even some amateurs have professional-quality gear. It is so important that you check references for your photographer! Also, it is also a good idea to ask what kind of gear they are shooting with (not stock lenses) If you are paying someone who is a professional, you should be getting professional work.

I went to the Rocky Mountain Bridal show in August of 2009 to see what other photographers were offering and just to make contacts. Outside of the convention center I met a man who was handing out brochures about the photographer that scammed him and he never received his wedding photos. The photographer was based in Las Vegas, and recently moved his business out to Denver and changed his name. I talked to this photographer and I just did not feel right around him. Bad vibes everywhere. And I really was not that impressed with his work. So trust your instinct and first impression. Remember, this photographer will be in your face on your most important day of your life. Is it someone you want to share it with? Are you comfortable with them?

I wish this was the only case, but there are so many out there. Here is the brochure I received from Ed.

And check out the youtube video. It will be worth the time you spend.


Getting Back To Our Roots

One of my rules always travel with my camera. I learned my lesson when I began my photojournalism education. It never fails. If you don’t have your camera you will see photos that should be made ALL day long. Then I learned my lesson that you should always carry your lenses with you as well. I learned that when the Rocky Mountain News announced their closure. I had to go to a press conference with only a 17-35 mm lens. I really wished I had an 80-200 mm. So my camera travels everywhere.

“… put your camera around your neck along with putting on your shoes, and there it is, an appendage of the body that shares your life with you.” – Dorothea Lange

My camera got to share a good night of fun as Eric and I joined our good friend Drew Jaynes as we celebrated his birthday 80s style.Hope you enjoy some of the moments my camera captured. I was not the only one using my camera. The photographers names are in the captions.

Photo by Cora Kemp

My challenge of the day

Ok. It’s not that big of a deal really. But it is giving me a hard time and I know that everyone goes through this. There is a problem with my voicemail that if you call, sometimes it does not go to my greeting and it says “nine is not an option” and hangs up on the person that is calling. So I am going to make a new message. Today I’ve probably spent 20 minutes on my the phone with my voicemail and I have yet to create a greeting I like.

I have always been true to my belief that you should not have a “boring” greeting. I feel that those who are patient enough to listen to your greeting should at least have something pleasant to listen to. My current greeting (if you are able to get to it) simply asks you to make my day great by leaning me a message. I’ve received a lot of feedback from that as well. Some people talk about how now they feel the pressure to make my day great, others state, “this will not make your day great, but I’m going to let you know any way.” They just have fun with it.

But now I am starting my business and in my new message I want to incorporate my company name. And when doing so, my “make my day great” message just does not quite flow right. But I don’t want to just say thanks for calling leave a message. It is going against my beliefs. So, here we arrive at my struggle. Not anything that could be a hardship and cannot compare to any everyday problem that some people deal with. But alas, I feel I need to blog, just to get my thoughts out there.

But honestly, how many of you out there like hearing “you have reached the voice mailbox of 303-123-4567”? But don’t worry, I”m confident that I will have a greeting that I will like. I just need a bit more time.

Welcome to My Blog!

A new year, a new start. I am on the brink of my new life and I have decided to start fresh with many new aspects. I have moved my blogging to wordpress because of the great features they have, and you just can’t go wrong with wordpress!

I am ready to embark on my new life. After graduating in May ’09 with a degree in photojournalism the work force looked bleak. But it really is a blessing for me. Ever since I became addicted to photography in high school I have always had wedding photography in the back of my mind. It is a gold mine of emotion, moments and beauty – what I love to capture. I love working in photojournalism, telling others stories and letting the world know who they are by the moments I capture. I have combine my knowledge and love of the wedding industry and my love of storytelling to create my new job!

Apparently I was not the only one taking photos! Thanks to Miles (the groom) for giving these to me!

The preliminaries have been taken care of through the end of 2009, building my website, creating my business and beginning the process of getting my name out there!I have great expectations for 2010! Ready … set … SHOOT!