Moments of 2011 – Cora

As promised here are my photos of the year. Number one, YAY! I actually posted when I said I would! Let’s keep this going! Number two narrowing down to just this amount took forever. I loved every shoot I had, and dang! There were a lot! Thank you to all who supported me and my business, I truly could not have done it without any of you! I have made so many new friends and that is my favorite part about what I do!

Look for us in or on the nearest tree, river, railing, roof or sunroof hold on tight because 2012 is coming in fast!

This was such a fun way to present the place cards at Becky and Dan's wedding this summer.

Jenny, playing around with her new Husband after the ceremony.

Cait and Ted. Heritage Square.

Katie and Seth, it rained on their first date so they figured it was good luck.

Don't we all feel this way about bubbles?

Matt and Jen playing around at Union Station before their ceremony.

Who doesn't love a leaf fight during a portrait shoot?

Dawn, making an outhouse look sexy.

Erin had an awesome Maid of Honor, gotta love a woman who can wrangle a dress like that!

Dan and Amanda


Beautiful Flowers from Stems


An out, but this is the one image that sums up the shoot. Yes, everyone needs to find their inner parking cone.


Late night toasts


Derek and Kamise, we burned calories getting to their ceremony!


One day I'll be shooting her wedding.


Right before they were pronounced.




Yes. I do make my brides J-walk during Bridals.


Engagement shoot. No joke. And yes, she got the goose.


Arriving at the reception.



Field Trip



A little Photobooth fun.


Not sure, I’m just the one who clicked the shutter. But we love them.



My best wishes for everyone in this upcoming year! Here is to pushing harder than you ever thought

and making it to the top with a little help from your team mates.

Happy New Year!


Memories of 2011 – Isaac

It has been a busy 2011 and I apologize that my blogging fell off the map mid-year. Part of it was due to scheduling and the majority of it was due to lack of Internet access as I did not get Internet at my house until the end of November.

But I am starting the year off right with a blog post! I must say that out of everything in my business, blogging is the most difficult thing to keep up with, even though I thoroughly enjoy writing about my clients and their stories. So here are a few of our favorite moments from the year. They may not be the “best photo,” but they are those that stood out in our heads when trying to simmer down the thousands of photos to just a few fraction-of-a-seconds to sum up our year.

Here are a few of Isaac’s favorites from the year.

Stay tuned for my photos of the year in the next few days!

And the Thunder Rolled

Tara and Paul recently had their one year wedding anniversary! Congratulations to these two! Now. Their wedding was quite memorable as it started out like any June day in Colorado. It was beautiful and sunny. They had their wedding at the Crystal Rose venue in Highlands Ranch. We went outside to have group photos before hand and everything was going just to plan. Paul and his boy’s were having a blast jumping over fences, and the girls were all chatting in the dressing room.

5 minutes before the ceremony was going to start (Bridal party was getting lined up to go out side) and a HUGE – I’m talking HUGE clap of thunder erupts overhead. And then the power went out. (Like I said, typical June day in Colorado). But the generators kicked in and the staff at the Crystal Rose did a speedy turn-around and in less than 10 minutes we were ready for the ceremony – now inside. It was great, and as always, the storm passed and we were able to do more portraits outside right after the ceremony, with the beautiful “after-the-rain light.”

The night continued with an awesome  slide show of embarrassing photos, cake cutting, and some crazy dancing. What a fun time that night was! Truly an unforgettable event! Congrats you two on a year of marriage!

Photo by Heather Smith

Photo by Heather Smith


Photo by Heather Smith

Rain is good luck and great lighting!

Adam and Lily had a romantic, rainy day in Evergreen for their wedding. These two are too much fun! – Seriously, when you get the whole Bridal Party out on a deck in the rain running in circles, how can you not love them?

I met these two back in March when we had their engagement session. And from the second we started shooting, I could hardly wait for their big day. These two are so comfortable together. They have amazing chemistry between them and I am so excited I got to capture that! The rain did not dampen their spirits at all, if anything, it only added to their personalities.

Congratulations you two on your marriage!

Photo By Isaac Small


Photo by Isaac Small

Photo by Isaac Small

High Gear and Senioritis

Well. May has been quite the busy month! So many things going on its hard to keep up! Especially in the blog world perhaps I’ve had a tad case of Seniorits on Blogging. But I have a slight break these next few days to catch up on the month.

Lots of great moments have been happening for so many great people in my life. I would like to take the time to introduce you to a few of my seniors that I shot for senior portraits last year. They are now graduates of high school! I look forward to seeing where they go in their lives and what great things they will do for our world. They, along with me are now in high gear!

Emma I have known for almost all her life. It still shocks me that she is now going off to college! But I am so glad I was there to see her walk at Conifer’s graduation.

Spencer’s shoot was a blast. He got all suited up and we went into the middle of a field and did James Bond style photos.

Brian’s mom also works at Conifer so he had the chance to pose with his mom right after getting his diploma.


Sara had an amazing shoot. We waited till there were fall colors for her’s. And her shoot was SO colorful! It was beautiful – and a blast!

Part of being in a small town is that you know everyone. Well Tyler and AJ I’ve known since the T-Ball days. Lots of memories with these two boy. And no matter where I go in life or where they do. I think we will always have a bond over Duct Tape.

Now to Alyssa. She has been a member of our family for the last 3, almost 4 years. I was so happy I got to shoot her graduation ceremony. She is an awesome person and though we have had many photo shoots together, her senior portraits were for sure one of the most memorable! It was pouring down rain. Not your normal Colorado rainstorm. We both figured we’d just reschedule the portraits and just have a fun shoot in the rain. We drove to Denver (very slowly as visibility was terrible) and got to the park she chose. That park was the ONLY place in Denver that was not being rained on – not joking – But it worked out perfect. She got beautiful “after rain” light, and even a small rainbow.

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS Class of 2011

Make it count.

Love you all,


❤ Love to all who were there for Craig ❤

Lets celebrate mothers!

Mother’s day has come and gone. Though I don’t understand why there is just one day set aside for the mothers in our lives. I suppose there needs to be one day set so we all remember to get things and show out appreciation because lives are so busy otherwise. But honestly, for mothers, it’s kids day everyday. Can you imagine if there was only one day set aside where our moms appreciate us? Humm…. We don’t like it so much when the tables are turned.

I got to celebrate Kelsey’s baby shower with her last month. This is her’s and Shane’s first baby and they are going to have a little girl in August. The party was decked out in Duck theme and these ladies had so much fun! Congrats to Kelsey and Shane! Can’t wait to see her!

Three Things Thursday


Three things about… Your Favorite Season


This is difficult. I love all seasons for different reasons. But Honestly, my favorite thing about the seasons is when it changes. It’s so exciting and new. Each season brings a new phase.

But my favorite season would have to be Spring.

1. Spring brings the promise of life. It brings flowers. That first glimpse of green, poking out from the once cold, frozen earth is the best feeling in the world. The Earth awakes from its long winter nap and we get to experience the beauty of it. And I tell ya, the Earth sure is a morning person! I must also say, that my favorite place to be during springtime is not the mountains. When I moved to Denver for school I remember being in complete awe of the trees on campus that actually bloomed! Trees that bloom are truly one of the most beautiful things.

2. Spring brings warmth. Once spring hits, you can feel the warmth in the air. A slight taste of the summer to come. Though it is still chilly, it is a different feel than that of the raw autumn chill. I love warmth, and just that slight change makes me smile.

3. Spring has the most amazing smells. It has the smell of freshly tilled soil, where seeds were just planted. It has the amazing, sweet smell of bearded iris as you stroll down the street. Spring brings the smell of rain (and yes most of the time snow as well). It has the scent of hope, of love, of beauty.


A Year

A year ago, I was on my way to the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs to shoot Miles and Tonya’s wedding. It’s amazing how much has changed in a year. I love each of the couples that I worked with this year. And I am thankful to all of them for letting me capture their moments. Tonya and Miles were so much fun to work with it was not even work! Congratulations to the both of them on their one year anniversary!

The lights of my life

Winter. Winter is dark. Winter is cold. Winter can even be lonely. But there are so many things I love about the winter time. Yeah, it gets dark early but that just means the lights can be turned on sooner. Yeah, its cold, sometimes beyond cold, but we get to sit by the fire. Winter can be lonely too. But not if you have amazing people who love you.

Winter is a time for candle light, baking, wood stoves, car heaters, friends that knit you scarves, friends who make you laugh, friends who are there late at night and you need to talk, family who supports and encourages you, music, love, and remembering the important things.


I think I was dancing salsa when I took this one. Melinda is in there somewhere.

This Christmas I have not gotten in to the buying at all. And I mean at ALL.

It is not the buying at Christmas that matters. It is the giving.

I’ve been given so much this year. A lot of support. A lot of opportunities. A lot of love. A lot of chances. A lot of adventures. A lot of keys to new doors.

I know I cant possibly find what I need at the mall, or any store. And when was it declared that the time of giving was only during the month of December? One day? To give back all that was given to me this year? No way.There are so many people I am indebted for the rest of my life.


Purple Hippo. I love the purple hippo.

Thank you all for all your love and support over the last year and my whole life. I am truly a blessed person for having so many people who care about me in my life. I don’t take it for granted. I am thankful everyday.

Just a few to mention, though there are tons.

My Mommy, who is my hero and support net in any and all ways possible

My Dad, who has supported and encouraged me throughout my life, no matter how crazy it is

Brother, though he can drive me crazy, it’s a good kinda crazy

Dore, who has taught me way more in life than just how rock flower design

Amie, there are no words.

Jenn, my encouragement, inspiration, and leader of my posse

Cait, my girl talk queen, has been there for me since the high school days

Eric, for giving me strength to reach my dreams

Melinda, the newest member of my posse, who has been there in HUGE ways, which is impressive given the time we’ve known eachother

Chad, our bubbly friendship of 21 years – still going strong.

Roy, for opening a new chapter in my life and giving me beautiful opportunities

David, for listening and sharing his passion for his work

Kenn, for driving me to be the best I can and not letting me get away with any less


Thank you everyone. You are what light up my life and make it worth living. Even on dark winter nights, my light stays bright because of the amazing group of people who I love. I can never give you enough.


My next-next life.



Happy Christmas to you all!



Three years of marriage (almost)

Two of my most favorite people flew all the way from Germany to have a photo shoot with me! Well, not really. They did fly here from Germany but not just to have a photo shoot. Today, we drove to Colorado Springs and did a quick photo shoot at Garden of the Gods. It was a bit chilly, but they still made cute photos! We are working on scheduling our next photo shoot on location in Germany!

I love my best friends 🙂

Awww so much love!


Kissing McCracken's and Kissing Camels