High Gear and Senioritis

Well. May has been quite the busy month! So many things going on its hard to keep up! Especially in the blog world perhaps I’ve had a tad case of Seniorits on Blogging. But I have a slight break these next few days to catch up on the month.

Lots of great moments have been happening for so many great people in my life. I would like to take the time to introduce you to a few of my seniors that I shot for senior portraits last year. They are now graduates of high school! I look forward to seeing where they go in their lives and what great things they will do for our world. They, along with me are now in high gear!

Emma I have known for almost all her life. It still shocks me that she is now going off to college! But I am so glad I was there to see her walk at Conifer’s graduation.

Spencer’s shoot was a blast. He got all suited up and we went into the middle of a field and did James Bond style photos.

Brian’s mom also works at Conifer so he had the chance to pose with his mom right after getting his diploma.


Sara had an amazing shoot. We waited till there were fall colors for her’s. And her shoot was SO colorful! It was beautiful – and a blast!

Part of being in a small town is that you know everyone. Well Tyler and AJ I’ve known since the T-Ball days. Lots of memories with these two boy. And no matter where I go in life or where they do. I think we will always have a bond over Duct Tape.

Now to Alyssa. She has been a member of our family for the last 3, almost 4 years. I was so happy I got to shoot her graduation ceremony. She is an awesome person and though we have had many photo shoots together, her senior portraits were for sure one of the most memorable! It was pouring down rain. Not your normal Colorado rainstorm. We both figured we’d just reschedule the portraits and just have a fun shoot in the rain. We drove to Denver (very slowly as visibility was terrible) and got to the park she chose. That park was the ONLY place in Denver that was not being rained on – not joking – But it worked out perfect. She got beautiful “after rain” light, and even a small rainbow.

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS Class of 2011

Make it count.

Love you all,


❤ Love to all who were there for Craig ❤


Prom Time!

This past weekend was Prom for both Evergreen and Conifer High Schools. Working at Stems, I spent 3 days of making boutonnieres for both the schools. I also got to photograph my Brother’s senior prom photos. Alyssa was such a sport while I was in her face as she was putting make-up on. They both are pretty used to it by now. Hope you enjoy the photos. I must say that my high school prom also had about 5 inches of snow as well, but is sure does make for pretty photos! My props to all the girls that wore strapless dresses and fancy shoes that expose the toes!

The Final Photo before they head down to Red Rocks!

“Its just another game”

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to shoot photos of the Conifer Lobos baseball team during their game at Coors Field. It is part of a fundraiser that teams can participate in. They sell tickets to Rockies games and in turn get money back as well as a chance to “live the dream” of playing in a pro sports field. This will be my brother’s last year on the baseball team as his graduation fast-approaches. I’ve shot the games for the last 3 years – as long as they’ve been doing the fundraiser but this year was a little different. While Ryan was warming up on the field I asked him how he felt, knowing this would be his last game at Coors Field.

Ryan looked at me and said, you know it’s not that big of a deal, in the end this is just another game. Ryan shocked me when he told me this because at that moment I realized how much he has grown up. In the end, it did not matter if you were playing in a pro field or just your neighborhood sandlot, all that mattered was the game.

Lobos won for the first time at Coors Field against Pueblo County High School 6-2. Enjoy a few shots!