BMX Elite Championships 2010

I am processing over 2500 photos from today. But this is my image of the day. Sifiso Nhlapo, the home-town hero from Johannesburg winning 2nd place in the Elite Men’s main event. He was the favorite of the day, and both he – and the crowd – could not have been more excited.


“Its just another game”

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to shoot photos of the Conifer Lobos baseball team during their game at Coors Field. It is part of a fundraiser that teams can participate in. They sell tickets to Rockies games and in turn get money back as well as a chance to “live the dream” of playing in a pro sports field. This will be my brother’s last year on the baseball team as his graduation fast-approaches. I’ve shot the games for the last 3 years – as long as they’ve been doing the fundraiser but this year was a little different. While Ryan was warming up on the field I asked him how he felt, knowing this would be his last game at Coors Field.

Ryan looked at me and said, you know it’s not that big of a deal, in the end this is just another game. Ryan shocked me when he told me this because at that moment I realized how much he has grown up. In the end, it did not matter if you were playing in a pro field or just your neighborhood sandlot, all that mattered was the game.

Lobos won for the first time at Coors Field against Pueblo County High School 6-2. Enjoy a few shots!

A little madness to your March?

I was sheltered. I was not introduced to March Madness until college and did not get involved until Eric and I started dating. I don’t study like Eric. I like to choose teams in random-unrandom ways. This year I picked the winner by which school had the coolest mascots. I am not doing the greatest, but I did have Kansas losing. I had them losing in the first round, Jayhawk, psh!

Metro guard Reggie Evans shows his triumph as his jumper ties the score at 72 in the final minutes of the championship game of the RMAC Shootout on Mar 6 at the State Fairgrounds Event Center in Pueblo, Colo. Metro went on to win the championship 83-79 after coming back in the second half scoring 50 points against New Mexico Highlands. Metro will travel to Minnesota to start the NCAA Division II playoffs against St. Cloud State on Mar. 13.

I traveled to Pueblo for the Division II conference championship at the beginning of March to watch both the metro teams play. Here are a few of my favorite shots that I got.

The men won and went on to play St. Cloud in Minnesota where they lost in the first round. Women lost in the semi-finals but given what they went through this season it was quite an accomplishment.

MSBN Adventures

I like to stay diverse in my jobs and I am a jack of all trades when it comes to media and. My boyfriend got a full-time job for Metro State Athletics last October and is on the edge of a new frontier for Metro State Athletics. They hired Eric as the Web technical Director for the Athletic Department. The job title does not give his job justice.

He is in charge of streaming basketball home games live on the web complete with a full play-by-play broadcast and a two camera shoot. He also shoots other sports for highlights and puts everything together in a monthly half-hour show that broadcasts monthly on 3 local stations including Altitude sports and KWHD public access.

It is quite an achievement and we are just so excited that he is able to have a job in the field he graduated in, not to mention that this job will look fantastic on his resume. It has been a starting season for sure. All sorts of set-backs and obstacles were thrown at Eric and his team of dedicated students. I joined the team because I love Metro basketball and I could not let Eric have all the fun!

By the end of the season we were setting up the broadcast in 30 minutes, had 2 cameras (a camera in the stands and a court cam for close-ups), a play-by-play and color commentators, commercials and graphics to show stats for players. We had quite the team and we could not have done it with out them all!

Here are some photos I took over the year. The games are broadcast live on B2 Networks so families of players, friends and fans can watch if they were not able to make it to the games.