Memories of 2011 – Isaac

It has been a busy 2011 and I apologize that my blogging fell off the map mid-year. Part of it was due to scheduling and the majority of it was due to lack of Internet access as I did not get Internet at my house until the end of November.

But I am starting the year off right with a blog post! I must say that out of everything in my business, blogging is the most difficult thing to keep up with, even though I thoroughly enjoy writing about my clients and their stories. So here are a few of our favorite moments from the year. They may not be the “best photo,” but they are those that stood out in our heads when trying to simmer down the thousands of photos to just a few fraction-of-a-seconds to sum up our year.

Here are a few of Isaac’s favorites from the year.

Stay tuned for my photos of the year in the next few days!


Who needs a hat? Its Georgia

For the past few weeks I’ve been in Georgia and Alabama visiting friends and family. I left Colorado looking forward to the “warmer” temperatures and not having to worry about snow. I grabbed a sweater and a sweatshirt thinking I’d be fine. January 9th, the night I was supposed to return to Denver a massive snowstorm decided to hit both Denver and Atlanta. Instead of worrying about being stranded in the Atlanta airport for 3 days I changed my flight to come home the next Sunday. And I am so glad I did! It has been a blast covering this major snow storm in the south.

Ok. Yes. It is a major storm. No, I’m not being a sissy. I’m a Colorado-grown mountain girl. I’ve been in plenty of blizzards, I’ve had to drive to school in a 12″ of snow because they didn’t call a snow day. in the winter, 20 degrees is considered warm.

But it is different in the South. They are not at all equipped to handle snow. Let alone almost nine inches. Nine inches of wet snow. That has two inches of ice on top of it.

Here are just a few photos from the storm. Check out the online gallery at the Athens Banner-Hearld for some more images from the storm coverage.

MMMM! Food!

I must say that being here in Africa is not exactly as I planned. I knew the area that we are staying at and that it was pretty close to home (our hotel is right next to a mall). However, I expected to have tried many different and exotic foods. Though I have not come across anything too out of the ordinary. A popular meat cut here is Oxtail. I have not yet tried it, but I will before I leave. There are a lot of things that have a different name, but they are the same. Tomato Sauce (our ketchup) is a bit sweeter here, with a thicker consistency. They do like to put a mayo sauce on their chips (fries). That is a British influence there. I’ve yet to have some curry, but the meals that I’ve had with an Indian influence have been so tasty! There is a lot of spice and flavor in all the dishes.

I must say that the fresh fruit is to die for. I did get to eat a Guava fruit. It is pretty popular and they have it in juices as well as cut. I’ve had it in mixed drinks, but never on its own.

I have also tried the Malva Pudding, which is pretty unique to South Africa. It is a dense cake flavored with ginger and Apricot. Pretty tasty!

The great thing about being close to the mall is they do have a grocery store attached to the mall, so yesterday my uncle and I spent an hour just going up and down the isles to see the different brands they have. They have an extensive bakery, deli and meat department. The deli actually sells frozen veggies by the scoop. For meats, they have a lot of lamb selections, way more than lamb chops and a rack. Pork and beef also have a lot of different cuts. They do not have a lot of chicken though. Which I thought was odd since we drove by several chicken farms on our way to the game reserve – some were hatcheries, but not all of them.

We had to of course try out the local chips. These were the weirdest sounding flavor. They were ok, not disgusting. Sorta like a salsa verde chip without the spice.I will keep you up to date on the other food we try, but for now, I am not out in the bushes collecting my dinner. Tonight I had delicious lamb chops.

Imagination meets reality … in Africa

You have learned about it since preschool. You have studied its exotic animals, and at some point in your life one of those animals was probably your favorite. You have seen countless movies shot there. But did you ever think of actually going there yourself going to Africa?

I remember learning about Africa in so many different classes, science, cultural, history, religion, English, basically every class – even math (metric conversions)*.

I never dreamed I would. I can’t explain how I think of other places. It is difficult, but I’ll try to put it in words.

To me, many of the countries I’ve learned about in my life are like learning history. It sounds like an extremely amazing place and time, I dream what it would be like to live there. I’ve read countless books and retained tons of information but it almost feels as if my imagination created this continent, that it is not really tangible and though it is awesome to learn about, I will never really go there.

I’ve basically left it at that my whole life. I felt blessed that I had the opportunity to fly to Mexico during my sophomore year at Metro State. I was so excited to even leave the country to experience a different culture (even though it was fairly touristy).

Then, back in mid-April I received a phone call from my Uncle who is on team USA for the cruzer BMX world cup races taking place in South Africa. He asked if I would like to tag a long. Um… YEAH! What an experience this has already been. So surreal that I can hardly believe I’m here. Though I am spending a lot of time around BMX bikers (who all are really great people) I am still in AFRICA.

We flew in last Thursday and spent Friday-Sunday at the Tala Wild Game Reserve right outside of Pietermaritzburg. The reserve does not have Lions or Elephants, but they had a ton of other animals and amazing plants. Here are just a few of what we saw.

*(And for a side note, when traveling to metric countries, always bring a engineer – they do the math for you 🙂 – worked for me in Mexico and Africa!)

Tongue Action. Wouldn't that be AWESOME to have that power?

African Sunset

Bird of Prey .... I'll get the name for him later, I can't remember.

Mama and baby Giraffe's

This rhino is a teen (and you could tell because she was eating away)! She was about 5 feet from our jeep. At least my Uncle was on the closer side so he would be the first to go if she got hormonal.