Rain is good luck and great lighting!

Adam and Lily had a romantic, rainy day in Evergreen for their wedding. These two are too much fun! – Seriously, when you get the whole Bridal Party out on a deck in the rain running in circles, how can you not love them?

I met these two back in March when we had their engagement session. And from the second we started shooting, I could hardly wait for their big day. These two are so comfortable together. They have amazing chemistry between them and I am so excited I got to capture that! The rain did not dampen their spirits at all, if anything, it only added to their personalities.

Congratulations you two on your marriage!

Photo By Isaac Small


Photo by Isaac Small

Photo by Isaac Small


Lets celebrate mothers!

Mother’s day has come and gone. Though I don’t understand why there is just one day set aside for the mothers in our lives. I suppose there needs to be one day set so we all remember to get things and show out appreciation because lives are so busy otherwise. But honestly, for mothers, it’s kids day everyday. Can you imagine if there was only one day set aside where our moms appreciate us? Humm…. We don’t like it so much when the tables are turned.

I got to celebrate Kelsey’s baby shower with her last month. This is her’s and Shane’s first baby and they are going to have a little girl in August. The party was decked out in Duck theme and these ladies had so much fun! Congrats to Kelsey and Shane! Can’t wait to see her!

Three Things Thursday


Three things about… Your Favorite Season


This is difficult. I love all seasons for different reasons. But Honestly, my favorite thing about the seasons is when it changes. It’s so exciting and new. Each season brings a new phase.

But my favorite season would have to be Spring.

1. Spring brings the promise of life. It brings flowers. That first glimpse of green, poking out from the once cold, frozen earth is the best feeling in the world. The Earth awakes from its long winter nap and we get to experience the beauty of it. And I tell ya, the Earth sure is a morning person! I must also say, that my favorite place to be during springtime is not the mountains. When I moved to Denver for school I remember being in complete awe of the trees on campus that actually bloomed! Trees that bloom are truly one of the most beautiful things.

2. Spring brings warmth. Once spring hits, you can feel the warmth in the air. A slight taste of the summer to come. Though it is still chilly, it is a different feel than that of the raw autumn chill. I love warmth, and just that slight change makes me smile.

3. Spring has the most amazing smells. It has the smell of freshly tilled soil, where seeds were just planted. It has the amazing, sweet smell of bearded iris as you stroll down the street. Spring brings the smell of rain (and yes most of the time snow as well). It has the scent of hope, of love, of beauty.


Prom Time!

This past weekend was Prom for both Evergreen and Conifer High Schools. Working at Stems, I spent 3 days of making boutonnieres for both the schools. I also got to photograph my Brother’s senior prom photos. Alyssa was such a sport while I was in her face as she was putting make-up on. They both are pretty used to it by now. Hope you enjoy the photos. I must say that my high school prom also had about 5 inches of snow as well, but is sure does make for pretty photos! My props to all the girls that wore strapless dresses and fancy shoes that expose the toes!

The Final Photo before they head down to Red Rocks!

Last minute is BEST!

I am so excited! I love last-minute, play-it-by-ear gigs! Friday night I received a phone call from my fellow Iris member Heather Longway. She needed someone to shoot her engagement photos so they could send out their “save the date” cards ASAP. I was glad to do it! I have known Heather since I started at the Metropolitan. She graduated and Amie and I took over the photo desk for her and Jenn LeBlanc – another good friend and Iris member.

We planned for Saturday during the golden hour and all was well until it became overcast and rainy. I love rain photos too, you can do really cute things with umbrellas, but we were able to push the shoot to Sunday so we did. The day was gorgeous and we had such a fun time! The hardest thing for me is to stop shooing. I could shoot all night, but after 2 hours Heather and her fiance David insisted that they had to let me go home (which was good since I had company waiting for dinner). But I could have shot with those two all night!

What a cute pair they make! They are so perfect for each other, and this was my first time even meeting David. I wish them my best, and we are all looking forward to having a closer friendship as we live all but 5 minutes from each other.

I don’t want to spoil them all before the Save the Date cards come out, so here is just a taste of the terrific Heather and David!