The lights of my life

Winter. Winter is dark. Winter is cold. Winter can even be lonely. But there are so many things I love about the winter time. Yeah, it gets dark early but that just means the lights can be turned on sooner. Yeah, its cold, sometimes beyond cold, but we get to sit by the fire. Winter can be lonely too. But not if you have amazing people who love you.

Winter is a time for candle light, baking, wood stoves, car heaters, friends that knit you scarves, friends who make you laugh, friends who are there late at night and you need to talk, family who supports and encourages you, music, love, and remembering the important things.


I think I was dancing salsa when I took this one. Melinda is in there somewhere.

This Christmas I have not gotten in to the buying at all. And I mean at ALL.

It is not the buying at Christmas that matters. It is the giving.

I’ve been given so much this year. A lot of support. A lot of opportunities. A lot of love. A lot of chances. A lot of adventures. A lot of keys to new doors.

I know I cant possibly find what I need at the mall, or any store. And when was it declared that the time of giving was only during the month of December? One day? To give back all that was given to me this year? No way.There are so many people I am indebted for the rest of my life.


Purple Hippo. I love the purple hippo.

Thank you all for all your love and support over the last year and my whole life. I am truly a blessed person for having so many people who care about me in my life. I don’t take it for granted. I am thankful everyday.

Just a few to mention, though there are tons.

My Mommy, who is my hero and support net in any and all ways possible

My Dad, who has supported and encouraged me throughout my life, no matter how crazy it is

Brother, though he can drive me crazy, it’s a good kinda crazy

Dore, who has taught me way more in life than just how rock flower design

Amie, there are no words.

Jenn, my encouragement, inspiration, and leader of my posse

Cait, my girl talk queen, has been there for me since the high school days

Eric, for giving me strength to reach my dreams

Melinda, the newest member of my posse, who has been there in HUGE ways, which is impressive given the time we’ve known eachother

Chad, our bubbly friendship of 21 years – still going strong.

Roy, for opening a new chapter in my life and giving me beautiful opportunities

David, for listening and sharing his passion for his work

Kenn, for driving me to be the best I can and not letting me get away with any less


Thank you everyone. You are what light up my life and make it worth living. Even on dark winter nights, my light stays bright because of the amazing group of people who I love. I can never give you enough.


My next-next life.



Happy Christmas to you all!




Heather + David = Luv

Heather + David = One spectacular day and a beautiful happily ever after.

I’ve known Heather for years. I first met her at Metro in the news room (where a ton of my friendships began). She moved on and I filled her shoes as assistant editor. Now, I wish I could describe Heather to you, but there is no word that sums her up easily. She is Bubbly, spaztic (in the nicest way possible), crazy, fun, loving and will just make you smile with one giggle. Heather and I have been hanging out a lot lately. She has decided to join my team as one of my regular shooters for my biz. So I was more than excited to tag team along with Jenn LeBlanc to shoot Heather and David’s wedding.

I love David too. They are the perfect pair. Ha! Just talking about them makes me want to drive to their house and give them a huge hug! – ok, back to David. He is an awesome guy, who is a little more reserved than Heather, which probably does her tons of good ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, since Heather is a photographer, Jenn and I have vowed only to give a few sneak peaks from their wedding – in attempt that Heather will be able to remember her wedding as she saw it and not through Jenn and I’s eyes. (Fotogs tend to remember images very easy and memories begin to fade). But this whole arrangement has been so much harder for Jenn and I than Heather I think! I had the hardest time narrowing down her images to only three.

So here they are. I will put more up on my site as soon as Heather and David get them – cuz their wedding was so fun – We crashed Room&Board of Cherry Creek and went to one of the snazzyest (yes that is a word now) Alley’s I’ve ever seen! So tune back in a few weeks!!!

Congratulations to David and Heather! We love you so much!!!!!

The Studly Groom

The blushing bride

Are we having fun? O I think so!!!

Before their introduction as Hubby and Wife

A day at the Playground

I am so excited for a few reasons, and they all involve the Pogar/Carlson family.

A few weeks ago Adriana emailed me and told me her husband Chris has started a new videography company and are looking for couples who are looking for video for their weddings. I am so excited to be working with them! They are such a fun couple and have a great background. If you would like info on their work feel free to contact me and I will give you more information.

I also got the privilege to take Adriana’s maternity photos! This was my first maternity shoot, and I gotta say,I really got into it.ย  We had so much fun, Monday was PERFECT! Not to hot, beautiful light and of course Adriana’s beautiful face! She is due at the beginning of July, they are expecting a baby girl!

Enjoy a few photos from the shoot ๐Ÿ™‚

This one is just too funny! No idea what is going on here!

Shadows of winter linger

Snow. Here in Colorado you have to enjoy it at least a little bit. For me it is a love-hate relationship. I think snow is really pretty and I love the look of the frosted trees in the morning after a dusting of snow. But if I have to go out in it, I hate it. I’ll do it, don’t get me wrong, but it is one of my least favorite things. I am a romantic when it comes to snow. I like baking and cozying up on the couch with a cup of warm tea and reading the night away.

Fortunately, with this past spring storm that dropped 10 inches at out doorstep and 15 where my job is, I did not have to trek out in the icy, slushy mess.

I lit candles and enjoyed the evening with chocolate cookies and A Tale of Two Cities (along with a movie with Eric). My first tray of cookies came out a little crispy because my infatuation with my Jade plant’s shadow. So I turned the timer off and left the cookies in the oven for an extra 15 minutes while I took photos.

This imaged just reminded me how beautiful this time of year actually is. The fusion of winter and spring. The warmth of the candle with the beauty of life.