Officially a Colorado native

Yesterday, I had the wonderful privilege of FINALLY meeting young William Taylor. Finally.

William is one of the newest members of the Taylor family and I have waited almost a year to see him.

Kristi and I have know each other for a long time. Back to the days of early photoJ class. She then later became one of my right-hand people when she joined me on the PhotoDesk at the Metropolitan, Metro State University of Denver’s school paper. We further bonded when we both were dating the men of the Sport’s desk at the newspaper. All of us had adventure’s to Pueblo for regional basketball tournaments and there was even a memory of locking key’s in my boyfriend’s car that all three of us took up to Evergreen for an assignment for class.

Kristi was one of my first wedding’s that I shot as an official business. She and her husband Zac gave me the chance to work on my wedding portfolio and the opportunity to capture a day, year’s in the making that would start them on their next big adventure. And these two have encountered all sorts of adventures. After their apartment building caught fire in Fort Collins three years ago, they decided to pack up their Jeep Cherokee and head South, not really sure where they were going to end up.

They ended up eventually in Athens, Georgia. Amazingly enough at the exact same time I flew there on a whim, and got stuck in the snow storm of the decade. I shot some photos fro Kristi’s literary business on the trip down there and because I am her seceret-keeper, she let on a little whisper that she was pregnant. Keeping THAT seceret in is pretty difficult, but I was able to handle it until they publicly announced it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph both Kristi’s baby shower for William AND her maternity portraits. But since little (he is tiny) William was born last August, I just did not have the chance to go out and meet him or see him on a few of Kristi’s whirl-wind visits to Colorado. So, this week they are out and I was not about to loose the chance of seeing him. I booked a day early on. And though William probably won’t remember meeting me, it is documented that it was Epic.

Since William was “officially” born in Georgia, we had to do something to make him a native, and what easier way to do so than take his little but to Casa Bonita!

I truly am grateful for all the Taylor’s have done to support me in my business, from wedding(S) I’ve shot to baby showers – and family portraits, the entire clan has truly become part of my family as well and I absolutely love the fact that I can watch and document as their families grow and progress through life.

Kristi is the proud owner of her social media business, she knows all! And Zac is the sports editor at the Gainesville Times, where he has grown and thrived, living his dream of being a sports reporter. 🙂

Here’s to continuing the adventure with the next generation.

He is sleeping.


Tiny toes.



Baby on the move.


William’s first taste of sopapilla.


We all agreed he liked it. ALOT.


William LOVED the waterfall (but then again, who doesn’t?)


This was as long as the hat stayed on his head. He is not a hat guy apparently.


William was fearless through Black Bart’s cave! He was so ready to head in he didn’t want to pose for the picture.


Even trucked me around while we were hanging out. (photo by Kristi Taylor)


He is a happy little waddler! (photo by Kristi Taylor).


Getting his first character sketch.


Waiting patiently for his artwork to be done.


Hanging in the stroller at Little Man Ice Cream.